The New Fresh

I’m back after traveling for a year, trying to make sense of things. Who am I? Which life do I go back to? Sometimes I catch myself wanting to fill my days with completely unexplored paths and places. But then that’s not quite it either. It’s more than that. Or deeper.

What I’m really hungry for is to stay rooted in new ways of seeing.

That’s what every day was like on the road. Whether I was in Tibet or India or Myanmar or Australia, every moment was filled with people and streets and faces and languages and skies I had never encountered before. Every new eyeful and earful of world shook me out of my old ways of seeing.

I’m trying to keep my eyes on the new – walking to work instead of driving, cooking something different to eat, or taking photographs of kids on the beach in Santa Cruz, local stuff. When I don’t know what to do, I just sit in my uncertainty until something gets revealed, until I see the new fresh right in front of me.


  1. Molly Froelich

    This is so beautiful Leslie! It reminds me of a quote by David Lynch about his creative process. He says he never likes to plan because he “loves the feeling of discovery”. I think we all need to fall in love with discovery and see the “new fresh” every day.

  2. Kelley Gibler

    What a beautiful reminder to take a different path every day. I find it easier to do now that I don’t drive. I see mini worlds every day that I missed whizzing by them in a car. It’s a different world indeed.

    • Leslie Absher

      It’s really about the world opening for me, keeping that as an intention. Great insight about how cars can close things down. Thanks for commenting!

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